Frequently asked questions serve a purpose and can be extremely useful when used in the right context.

Here at IWDP we try to answer those niggling questions you may have and aim to set aside any doubts you may harbour about becoming a member of iwdp.co.uk

Who are iwdp.co.uk?

iwdp.co.uk is the brainchild of Wicksie, a veteran of the IT industry who became interested in Web development during the initial stages of study for his BSc in IT and Computing.

Completely independent, our only source of funding is through sponsorship within the site, if you are interested in helping us continue to better IWDP, then please take a few moments to visit the ‘IWDP sponsorship’ link.

What can I gain by joining IWDP?

If/when you are accepted as a member of IWDP you will have assocation with a world beating site that returns top ten results in over 89% of the worlds searches for our specialities. These specialities are not complicated, simply they are the links down the left of your browser window – standard industry keywords, that also happen to form the main navigation of iwdp.co.uk

The effort that has gone into producing IWDP for you, the members, has paid off handsomely and this will in turn, serve you, the members.

How much does membership cost?

Shall I put it another way? We don’t charge, you don’t pay, it’s FREE. Nothing more need be said.

Why does IWDP offer its services FREE?

Simple, we believe strongly that everyone should be given the chance to make their mark in this industry. We believe that by making such a bold gesture the market place and indeed the industry will benefit in the long run.

Last but not least, you, the members, will benefit greatly too.

I want to source a local designer / programmer / scripter but don’t know where to start?

We are only too aware that many potential clients wish to source work from within their region, which is precisely why we have facilitated this desire within the ‘Index’ link within the navigation.

By visiting this link, you will now be faced with a choice of 3 ways of selecting a member: by their region (including ‘non-uk’), by their speciality or by the order within which they became a member of IWDP.

Be aware though, if you choose this last option – please ensure you have plenty of time on your hands as they are in groups of 20 and we do have many members.

How else can I source a member?

By utilising the navigation on the left of your browser window and choosing the speciality directly – this will take you to the area within IWDP that explains the speciality and offers all members listed within the said speciality.

From there, you can examine what other specialities those members have. You can then visit their online profile within IWDP which will house their contact details – and in many cases showcase a portfolio linking directly to already completed work.

I want to source from within ‘Accessibility – Search Engine ‘O’ – W3C validated code’. How can I be sure that those listed can do what they say?

These 3 specialities are a passion of Wicksie and certain members of IWDP. We go to great lengths to ensure that those registering under these areas are heavily vetted and constantly checked to ensure compliance with our guidelines and policies.

By virtue of our efforts you can be assured that by sourcing from within these areas of IWDP you will have the best chance throughout the WWW of ensuring your chosen member can supply what you demand.

Do you accept articles from non-members?

No. We only accept articles written by our members that they feel could benefit other members and the community as a whole.

Why don’t you advertise?

We do not use adverts within iwdp.co.uk as we feel this would detract from our main aim, which is to promote designers / programmers / scripters of an independent status.

It is with that, that Wicksie would sincerely like to thank Ashley Friedlein, CEO of e-consultancy.com for their support and sponsorship of the whole site, and many thanks to our individual speciality sponsors (including the sponsor for the FAQ).