Using session variables in PHP


HTTP was designed to be as open as possible and one of the drawbacks of this is that the protocol is stateless i.e. there is no persistence of variables across web requests. When a request is sent to a web server for a resource, the server doesn’t know or care if the request comes from … Read more

Think outside the box

outside box

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you do a particular thing in a particular way? Do you just follow the advice of those that have been doing the task the longest without further question? Consider the following scenario, then consider your position within your company and ask yourself honestly, why? Let’s begin with … Read more

Split A/B Testing

split test

Following on from any website usability study a number of usability problems are usually found. There can often be debate within any organisation as to the best solution for each problem, with no one really knowing the optimal solution. Rather than letting the person that shouts the loudest get his or her own way, a … Read more

5 essential tools for a database driven site


So you’ve honed your HTML skills and now you want to take your site to the next level by adding some database interactivity. You’ve browsed around the net looking for ideas, tried out some web-based tutorials, and you’re raring to get going with some real code. Here are five essential resources you’re going to need … Read more

3 Questions To Ask Your Web designer

web design

So you’ve decided to create a new Web site, or renovate your existing one. We all know that in Internet time, the best time to launch a new project is always last week, so it’s very tempting to plunge straight in, call your web designer, and fix up a meeting. But stop and reflect before … Read more

8 guidelines for usability testing


In professional web design circles, the usability testing session has become an essential component of any major project. Similar to focus groups in brand development and product launches, usability testing offers a rare opportunity to receive feedback from the very people the website is aimed at – before it’s too late to do anything about it. … Read more

Designing websites for older users

older people

According to the last UK census , the UK now has more people aged over 60 than under 16. It also revealed that there are now 1.1 million people aged over 85. Webcredible recently analysed and compared the results of 16 usability testing sessions – 8 of these sessions were conducted with elderly users (i.e. over the age of … Read more

Beware of what you already know


All too often it seems that agencies, consultancies, corporations or even individuals want to have a piece of your success; they want to grab a share of what you’re doing by offering those all important services that are a must have; very often packaged as a way of raising your company profile. Often, they have … Read more

Benefits of an accessible Web site – part 1

web design

The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) states that service providers must not discriminate against disabled people. A website is regarded as a service and therefore falls under this law, and as such must be made accessible to everyone. Some organisations are making accessibility improvements to their websites, but many are seemingly not making the accessibility adjustments. Disabled … Read more