About Us

At IWDP we want you to feel as though you know the management, to feel that we are approachable. If you have a question we want you to ask it, if you have a suggestion we want you to propose it, we feel we can only accomplish this vision if you know something about us.

IWDP was founded in 2001 with a single vision; to promote Independent Web Developers. Since its inception we have driven many hundreds of thousands of potential clients to our many thousands of developers, culminating in countless successful ongoing business relationships…we feel we have achieved our aim.

Since first training as a Web developer Wicksie has seen the industry change dramatically and generally for the better. On the whole, Web development now requires that individuals either specialise in a chosen skill or increase their broader knowledge to encompass a wider diversity within their skillset.


As a consequence of past training and a perceived gap within the Freelance market Wicksie now heads up TiggerOnSpeed a Freelance agency offering the following services: Article writing, Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading, Brochure design and Web design as well as various printing services through our long established partner Westcombe Press.


Operational Director for IWDP – Manager and Founder miniTutorials.com

miniTutorials.com has been operational since early 2003 and provides tutorials on many things; including the installation of Apache 2, PHP, mySQL etc. With a forums board where help and advice is freely given, give it a look. Gavin looks after the day to day needs of the running of IWDP, from signing up new members, changing details, backing up the databases and looking after and recruiting IWDP Sponsors.

Other things about Gavin, well, has his own Computer Web Design & Hosting Business and also tries to find time to contribute to Open Source development, mainly volunteering to the Apache Forrest project, and also Apache Infrastructure issues, helping out with Admin tasks, setting up Jira instances, Confluence setups, maintaining the ASF Mirrors etc. Other stuff can be found on his Ohloh Profile.


A strong believer in how the Web should be open and available to all, Adrian believes that all Web sites should be accessible to everyone online regardless of disability, age, location or equipment used. By adhering strictly to the W3C specifications and meeting Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 guidelines, together with common sense presentation and user friendly navigation and structures Adrian believes all Web sites can be open to all and still be stylish and exciting.

Adrian has been involved with computing and in particular the internet for many years. Independent Testers was founded four years ago in collaboration with Gary Wickes, with the aim to aid developers and help make the Web more accessible. As a Web developer Adrian now specialises in Accessibility and related issues, both in terms of creating accessible Web sites but also as a consultant to the IT industry and private businesses and organisations regarding accessibility.